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Start/Smart –program dedicated to identify the business opportunities and the strategies to fructify them.
Start/Smart offers the basics of success from the very beginning: marketing ensure the support for a successful sales campaign and the gained profit set the financial foundation for the next marketing strategies.
It is our experience that have lead us to strategic and economic effective interrelation between the
Famous P’s of Marketing:

The vision of Start/Smart program starts with the initial status analysis and potentially available resources, goes through planning and action plans executions toward performance. Closing of this Feed-back Cycle ensures the success in business:

RBO Concepts, Techniques and Training

Program of Concepts, Techniques and Training – program aimed to enhance the professionalism in management, specially designed for Small and Middle Enterprises, ensuring a standard managerial assistance for a 7 months timeframe. This program includes services as:

(1). Specialized assistance, according to the preliminary analysis outcome

(2). Training and other specific educational programs

(3). Quarterly evaluation along with half-yearly update of action plans, according to results

Program of Concepts, Techniques and Training aims to ensure the professional development of the management team and employees toward the State of Leadership –the sum of the employees’ qualities, developed along with the company portfolio and customers communication abilities, in close relations with the intelligent-supportive economic and financial aspects.

State of Leadership


Business Essential Success Tools –the most comprehensive program of consultancy in management represent an unique opportunity, offering practical solutions, customized upon human and material resources available and based upon careful and objective status analysis of the customer into the dynamic context of the market.

Analysis, Actions and Performance Evaluation complex services integrated within the delivered solutions through Business Essential Success Tools considers:

(1). Human and material resources management

(2). Products portfolio management, defining the marketing, distribution and sales strategies, along with results evaluation

(3). Economic and financial status evaluation, defining the intelligent-supportive financial and commercial policies

(4). Assessing the opportunity of introduction and/or update the informational support, from simple economic flows follow-up programs to complex, integrated systems of business management such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

It is our mission to offer complete management consultancy, at the highest quality standards toward the companies acting on the Romanian market, guided by Romanian BEST Office principles:


Romanian BEST Office INTRO

For the young and enthusiastic team of Romanian BEST Office it is a special honor to invite you with this occasion to become familiar with Romanian BEST Office latest launched management consultancy programs:

* Business Essential Success Tools –the most comprehensive program of consultancy in management
* Program of Concepts, Techniques and Training –program aimed to enhance the professionalism in management
* Start/Smart –program dedicated to identify business opportunities and the strategies to fructify them

Romanian BEST Office administrates a managerial consultancy program, ensured by vast experienced professionals in different Romanian market segments. Romanian BEST Office benefits of its founders experience on the Romanian market since 1997 and rely on success principles promoted at multinational companies’ level.

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